Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Zanzibar-stairway to heaven


There are many beautiful places on this Blue Planet of ours, which, when we see them, awaken our long forgotten memories of perfect peace, beauty of the simplicity and harmony, those places where we truly feel as if we are at home, where time flows in some special rhythm of its own and everything has different meaning. One of them is definitely- Zanzibar.
Beautiful green island by the west coast of Tanzania, which is splashed by the waters of the warm, green Indian ocean, slowly, but surely is being nominated for list of tourist TOP destinations and that fact adds to its attractiveness for those who rather enjoy lush, wild and rich nature than commercial one. It is a place of greater value, for holiday, adventure, place to recharge your batteries, to explore and expand limits.

Amsterdam-city of contrast, extreme and freedom


Last year, in autumn, I was in “New Amsterdam”, as they used to call New York.  I didn’t even dream how similar is the energy of that city to this “old Amsterdam”, and how much that energy suits my own sensibility. You conquer some cities, while other cities simply enchant and seduce you. As love at first sight, breath, step, first bicycle ride. That is how Amsterdam conquered me…