Seychelles – the proof that the paradise is on Earth

When you think about exotic place, the pictures that appear in front of your eyes are just like those from Seychelles. Endlessly long sand beaches, palms, turquoise sea and some granite rock here and there to make a change in the scenery that is magic like the most beautiful dream.

                           And when you wake up one day, go to the airport and check-in for the flight for such a destination, you realize that you really did wake up. And really, travelling to Seychelles is true awakening. We awaken the part of us that remembers paradise, in that strange dimension where everything is so magic and magnificent.

                          The most beautiful beaches on the islands Mahe, Praslin and La Digue give you an opportunity and the feeling of connecting with your true inner self, with mother Earth. Lying on the white sand that is emitting warm energy which spreads throughout your whole body, while the Sun is sending his rays to the every cell of your body, almost vertically, because you are at 4 degrees of south geographical latitude. In order to round the story about four elements, you can float in the warm waters of Indian ocean, that gives you the feeling of returning to the womb, while the winds that are blowing all the time create feeling of constant flow, eternal flow and change, while sunny and cloudy intervals change all the time, and the water is constantly moving with the waves of change.

                   Unique islands, Seychelles came into existence when Africa and Asia separated as continents, and such an unusual origin made them home for some specific, endemic plant and animal species. Their landscape and structure of its rocks are like nowhere else in the world. Some legends say that these islands truly are Paradise, described in wholly books. One thousand and six hundred kilometers away from the nearest land, with the position in the middle of the green Indian ocean, they really are the place of choice when you decide to go to the end of the Earth, to draw away and make a distance from everything and everybody in order to reconnect and strengthen the ties with yourself and the divine being within you.

          Wonderful beings like turtles, beings that live for many, many years, look like aliens and we can learn a great deal from them. They live on almost all of Seychelles islands, while their natural habitat is Aldabra atoll, the biggest one in the world, which is under UNESCO protection as World Natural Heritage.  Turtles move slowly, they breathe slowly and isn’t that exactly recipe for long life? The oldest one of these turtles, famous Esmeralda (who is male,) is considered to be around two hundred years old and he lives on the Bird Island on Seychelles.

          One of the most mysterious phenomenon on Seychelles is famous palm Coco de Mer, whose existence is wrapped up in many legends. At first, it was named “sea coconut”, because its fruit, actually seeds of this tree, was found in the sea and people thought that is where it comes from. But finally, when Seychelles have been “discovered”, it has been concluded that Praslin Island is natural habitat of this strange plant. There is male tree and female tree, whose fruits inevitably remind on men’s and women’s genital organs and generally, there are some features of this plant which makes it unbelievably similar to human kind. The tree reaches puberty at about the same time as humans, the flower of the female plant takes nine months to develop into fruit and after the fruit separates from the mother plant, the trees take care of the fruit in a strange way, just like parents. Legends say that these two plants truly make love, but if you happen to be there in the stormy nights when this happens and you see it, you either go blind or go nuts, so the secret and the mystery remains unrevealed until this day.  The difference between this plant and people is that Coco de Mer can live up to two hundred years. Is it because of the location?  Maybe we should move to Seychelles and find out.

          Seychelles were discovered by Portuguese in 16th century, but they were populated and colonized by French in 18th century, while English took over the colony in 19th century, so French and British influence is more than recognizable. Because of their position, the islands were the stronghold of famous pirates for a long time, the most famous of them was Frenchman La Bouse-or Fast, Vicious, who came to Seychelles from Caribbean and hid here his enormous treasure.  Immediately before his execution, he threw away the coded map which hides the secret of the treasure, and it has been said that the map has not been deciphered up to this day. Therefore, Seychelles are very attractive place for exciting adventure and search for the real pirate treasure. Even if you don’t find it, some treasure you will find, maybe the one you need the most.

          When you come to Seychelles and also when you leave, you get in your passport the stamp in the shape of the female plant of Coco de Mer, which inevitably reminds on corpulent woman hips. During your stay there , you realize that the inhabitants of this island have very specific body features, which originate from the mixture of French and English colonists and African slaves, creating very special creole nation and that there is close connection between them and their palm Coco de Mer.

          The smallest capital in the world, Victoria, is like some film studio with scenography for different films from the colonization period and also from the different periods of history of Africa and Asia, but also Europe. In the very center, on traffic roundabout, there is little “Big Ben”, clock tower just like the one in London, but right behind the corner, you might find the smallest Hindu temple in the world, which is completely out of place, with its bright and lively colors, which lures you to visit its also bright and colorful interior, to meet some Ganesh, Shiva or Parvati, decorated with flowers, according to Hindu tradition.

          One of the liveliest places is certainly city market. It is very enjoyable to walk between counters loaded with fresh fish, famous tuna and red snapper, fruits, vegetables and spices, but also souvenirs, where dominate magnets and different ornaments in the shape of female seed of Coco de Mer, as well as miniatures of turtles, black parrots and Seychelles lizards.

          Coconut, bananas in  the colors from green and red to yellow, maracuja, jack fruit, agave, watermelons, mango, papaya are all inevitable part of your daily menu. Seychelles’ specialty is so called bread fruit.  Chips is made from it, with its specific “bread taste”. There is also a legend, that when you eat this fruit, you will come back again to Seychelles for certain…

           Seychelles orchid is something that is also trade mark of the islands, besides all those already mentioned, and lush vegetation together with all kind of exotic fruits and vegetables, and also spices, make you really feel as if you are is some garden of Eden, and that, after you return home,  you come back there again in your thoughts and dreams.

          There are many reasons to visit Seychelles, and those against it practically do not exist, so why then delay that encounter with Paradise, when we know that it is actually here, on Earth?