Uvac – A place of return to the Self

When I first saw Uvac’s photos, I was so astonished that I did not believe that this fascinating place was on Earth at all, especially not just a few hours away from Belgrade. In a similar way, a large number of my friends from all over the world have reacted to my Uvac photos, but what no photo can fully demonstrate, is the sense of peace and connectivity with nature, connection with a source somewhere deep in us. Accordingly, one of the most visited and above all special places is the “Prayer” viewpoint. In this place, from which you can see all the beauty and creative power of nature, as in the mirror, you can also see the inner beauty within you and connect with your soul.

The Uvac Mountain River, 120 km long, is the largest tributary of the Lim River. Its large hydroelectric potential was used to form three dams and three artificial lakes, while a part of the Uvac River canyon was proclaimed as Special Nature Reserve in 1971. The river Uvac is piercing through the limestone walls, forming enchanting meanders like the maze and in a large part of its course has a characteristic green color. The coast adorns the forests of spruce and birch, as well as numerous slopes and meadows, and the colors and softness of them, simply ,,call’’ to sprawl and direct the view towards the sky and fading clouds …

Kingdom of the Griffon Vulture

Definitely one of the most beautiful places in Serbia, in the southwest of the country, between the mountains Javor and Zlatar, the meanders of the river Uvac are a home, but also the kingdom of the magnificent bird – Griffon Vulture, one of two remaining vulture species which nests in Serbia, which is also a symbol of the canyon of the river Uvac. This endemic bird species, a carnivore eating only meat of dead animals, has an extremely important role in the food chain and in maintaining the natural balance of ecosystems. Twenty years ago, the danger was that this species was extinct, but thanks to the Protecting Fund, the number rose from 7 to about 300, as it is estimated that the canyon is now inhabited.

Interestingly, this “king of the sky” whose span of wings reaches up to 3 meters has only one partner for a lifetime, and even if one of the partners dies earlier, the other partner remains alone to his own death. Females have only one egg annually, and both partners take care of the cubs equally. Many lessons about dedication, attachment and equality as values ​​of life could be learned from this magnificent bird, and that is why the cub of this type of bird named Srecko was taken for the mascot of the Serbian Olympic team, with the desire to inspire and encourage with perseverance, strength and speed our Olympians. In addition to the Griffon Vulture, Uvac is a home for another 100 species of birds, such as a dry eagle, a mountain swamp, a water meter and others.

When Griffon Vulture birds appear and cover a part of the sky above the Uvac canyon, you can not stop looking up and you have the desire to remember and record each movement of their wings. I was fortunate to catch a few magnificent representatives of this species treough focus of my camera’s lenses, and the feeling that we had an eye-contact, was something that I  will never forget.

Untouched nature of priceless beauty

A special experience that literally leaves person breathless and speachless is when you find yourself on the river, whether you are in a boat sailing, floating, or kayaking. This experience should not be missed because it is recorded in the genetic code itself, and pictures, sounds and feelings that capture you – will fully enrich your life. You can experience this sense of connection, unity with everything that surrounds you, in this pure, untouched nature. All your senses are activated and you absorb every moment of this invaluable beauty, completely present, with a full focus on what you are experiencing.

Boating offers you a unique opportunity to discover the long-kept secrets of Uvac – a cave system of about 6 km, where  the largest is  so called Ice cave, with a constant temperature during the year of + 8 °C. This cave is full of fantastic halls and corridors decorated with specific ’’cave jewelry’’, which at every beam of the flashlight delight you. Extremely educational experience, and also a good opportunity to, if you are visiting Uvac in summer, for a little refreshment and cooling down.

The Uvac River Canyon is a destination where everyone will find what they need – rest, inspiration, motivation, entertainment, leisure, recreation, adventure, challenge and possibility to explore, do some art, engage in sport, relax, enjoy, but above all, and most of all – to return to the Self.